Our Avocado is packed with antioxidants perfect for adding a luscious and creamy finish to your green Smoothies, Guacamole or even your Smashed Avocado on toast


We carefully source the best quality Hass Avocado. Grown in the gorgeous sunshine, it’s perfectly ripe, chopped and ready to use.

PACK'D Avocado box
  • Amazing taste – as good as fresh Avocado
  • Perfectly ripe, chopped and ready to use
  • No preparation required
  • No waste
  • No added preservatives
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • New innovative packaging; oxygen removed to prevent oxidation & browning and sealed in protective bag
Haas avocado tree set against a blue sky

Hass avocados grow on small bushes or trees in the luscious sunshine of South America

Avocado's being pick by hand

Our avocados are harvested by hand to avoid bruising and carefully collected in wooden crates ready for chopping and freezing

A small collections of avocado's

Our frozen avocado is packed in small batches and travels by sea


Leave the hard work to us

We worked closely with our growers to find a pure 100% frozen Avocado that tastes exactly the same as fresh – but that is perfectly ripe with no guess work, no prep time, and no waste.

We smashed it!

We found our favourite and it has become the best-selling frozen Avocado in the UK. 

The avo on toast test.

Our sun-ripened Avocado is delicious, smashed and spread on toast. A firm favourite with PACK’D fans everywhere so we’ve kept it quick and easy to enjoy this healthy, nutritious meal.


Frozen avocado reduces waste, whilst locking in taste. Only defrost what you need when you need it. Our unique freezing process gives us the perfect taste and texture every time.

PACK'D avocado graphic of a sliced avocado

Picked ripe & ready for freezing - no more hard fruit in the fridge

PACK'D avocado graphic of a sliced avocado

Manual sorting to ensure only the finest ripe fruit used

PACK'd frozen at source snowflake

Frozen at source locking in all the nutritional goodness

PACK'D perfectly portioned sizes for quick defrosting

Perfectly portioned small cubes, for quick defrosting in the home

PACK'D avocado graphic of packaged box of avocados

We don’t fly our Avocado, our special packs travel on the water meaning no air miles and lower emissions


Our frozen Avocado is simply delicious smashed and spread on toast but we've come up with other tasty recipe ideas for you to try, from our creamy Blackberry and Avocado smoothie to Pesto Pasta, Tangy Salsa and even Cupcakes.

Check out the recipe section of our website for more inspo! And don't forget to share your amazing creations with us. 

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PACK'D smoothies in two glasses, sat on a chopping board


It is quite simply the best way to buy and keep avocado. Rather than have the browning leftovers of a whole avocado in the fridge, I can take as much as I need, whenever I need it from the freezer and it is always perfect. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Christina Green

LOVE the avocado. I have it with salads. always fresh and no waste...I LOVE it.

Joanna Needs

I love this product so much that I doubt I will buy fresh avocado again. With PACK'D avocado I know it will be ripe, green not black and ready to use. When making salads I put the frozen avocado in and it keeps the salad fresh until I am ready to serve. This product is also good value for money working out cheaper than fresh avocado.

Amber Locke