Know more about PACK'D organic veg

Know more about PACK'D organic vegetables

PACK'D organic frozen vegetables - frozen on the day of harvest for locked in nutrition.

Harvested at perfect ripeness and frozen to lock in the maximum taste and nutrition. Our Organic Vegetable range is simple, convenient and tasty. Sourcing grade A vegetables to put the PACK’D name to, our vegetable range is 100% organic. Our Organic frozen vegetables are a sustainable way to add a little sunshine to your day.

We source the best quality vegetables

PACK'D organic vegetables - a bowl of petit pois

Having the best veg on your plate or in your dish makes a meal. And that’s why we work closely with our growers to carefully source the best in organic vegetables.

Only the best varieties are used, known for their taste! We take time to carefully wash and prep our vegetables so they are ready for you , making one less job for you at home. Whether it's ricing the cauliflower, providing leaf spinach (no clumps!) or already chopped sweet potato, we have done the hard work for you.

Freshly frozen

We freeze our ingredients on the day they’re picked to lock in all their delicious flavour, colour, and nutritional goodness so you can enjoy at home with no faff and zero waste.

Say goodbye to mouldy veg in the bottom of the fridge. Use what you need, when you need and enjoy the flavour of the field from your freezer.

Whole, diced or chopped; our vegetables are ready to use straight from the freezer and are perfect for every meal time.

The PACK'D way

Hand Picked

Harvested, ripe and ready for freezing that day.

Carefully sorted

Carefully sorted to ensure only the finest Vegetables make it into the PACK’D bags.

Gently washed vegetables

Our Organic Vegetables are gently washed and sorted.

Chopped or diced vegetables

Our veg is kept perfectly whole, chopped or diced

Frozen at source

Frozen at source to lock in natural goodness

No air miles

We don't fly our vegetables meaning no air miles and lower emissions

Recycled packaging

Packed into our paper packs for easy recycling at home 


AA Grade BRC food producer

We are proud to say we are a certified AA Grade BRC food producer. This means we take care at every stage of our process so you can trust us to deliver the highest quality. Plus everything* is certified by the UK Soil Association so you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Reducing our impact

Our vegetables are all grown seasonally and frozen reducing the need for out-of-season, energy-intensive growing. Plus, frozen produce can be transported by sea which lowers the carbon footprint compared to out-of-season fresh produce which has to be flown and emits 42 times more carbon dioxide.

The PACK'D plastic pledge

We’ve also pledged to remove as much plastic as possible from our products and supply chain and now use a special recyclable paper to pack all our organic fruit and vegetables that can be recycled at home. So when we say, “All the taste, none of the waste”, we really mean it.

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